Fashion for Dummies

There’s a new internet sensation and her name is Susan Boyle.  Now, I’m a North American but I’ve been hearing a lot about this lady with an amazing voice who was on Britain’s Got Talent.  I logged onto YouTube to see what the fuss was about.

So here’s this lady who is 47, lives with her cat and has never been married, nor has she ever been kissed.  Yes, she’s kind of homely and looks sort of like a coal miner’s daughter.  She comes on stage, the judges chat her up a bit and she’s a bit cheeky.  The audience laughs fully expecting a dreadful performance.  And then she opens her mouth and it’s like an angel is singing!  Truly incredible.

Now obviously, my site is about how to be fashionable.  But you can be as well dressed, groomed and coifed as you can be but still lack confidence.   Obviously, it helps as those are extraneous peripherals that you don’t have to worry about if you just take care of yourself.  However, it also makes me sad that the audience judged her (and so did I) by how she looked.

Let’s face it.  There’s a certain standard that you need to fit in society.  If you don’t follow the “fashion rules”, people wonder what’s wrong with you.  They speculate that perhaps somehow you are backwards.   Is this society’s fault?

Regardless of if she wins this show or not, there’s no doubt that she will get a record deal.  People identify with her in these tough economic times.   Being a cynic, I’d speculate that this is some incredible promotion campaign.   Older homely woman from a small village makes it big.  What a feel good story.   That’s all right with me, because she is truly that talented.  But it makes me wonder what held her back from being discovered all these years?  Her looks?  She certainly has the pipes.

So after this show ends, will Susan Boyle conform to societal expectations of beauty?  Her “people” will probably keep her as she is, as the cheeky songstress who stole the world’s heart.  And good on her for having the confidence for being herself and going for her dreams despite society’s expectations.


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