Fashion for Dummies

As discussed in my previous Fashion for Dummies post, How to Dress for Your Body Type, another fundamental is how to buy the right underwear for your body.  That’s right.  I’m mentioning the unmentionables: bras and panties.

I don’t think it is all that hard to conjure up the image of bulging fat off the stomach from too tight underwear.  Or visible panty lines.   Or back fat from tight bras that make you look like an oven roast tied with string.  Or boobs spilling out of  too small bra cups.  Oh, just the horror all around.

Most people believe that no one but their significant others will see them in their underwear so who cares, right?  (That’s provided they have a SO, being the fashion disaster that they are).  What people don’t realize is that having properly fitted underwear will contour areas they are worried about and lift things that should be lifted.

Have sagging breasts?  Get a good bra.  It saves on the breast augmentation surgery.   What about if you have no boobs at all?  Get a padded or a push up bra.  Go with Wonderbra for example.  There’s a reason why they call it a “wonder”.

It’s amazing how many women wear the wrong bra size.  It is estimated as high as 80% of women are wearing an ill fitted bra.   How hard is it to go into an underwear store and ask them to measure your breasts and chest size?  Geez, 1 minute and you’re done.   Now, make sure that the bra size actually is what you were measured for.  Sometimes, the manufacturers get it wrong. Globalization, I swear…  But let’s make the girls happy and clothe them right.

Now, what happens if you have got a flabby stomach?  Get a pair of Spanx underwear to hold everything in.  Lots of women swear by these magic knickers and it is instantly slimming.  Shapes the ass and thighs.  No one would ever know that you have cellulite.

The point is underwear makes a whole heck of a lot difference in how your clothes hang on the outside.  We’ve all seen the effects of bad underwear on the outside, right?  Think bulges of fat.  Think Stay Puff Marshmellow Man.  Now imagine what good slimming underwear can do.    Invest in good underwear because it makes the clothes on the outside more fabulous.    Don’t skimp when buying bras and panties!


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